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DC Verification

"We’re here to Help”

At DreamClick our motto is “we’re here to help” and we take that seriously. Our goal is to ensure that when you hire a new employee, you have the most accurate and complete information about that person. This enables you to reduce your risks of liability, lower your employee turn-over rate, and ultimately make the best decision for your business.

Verifying Education History

Verifying an applicant’s education history is a crucial step in vetting an employee. LinkedIn reported, that in 2016, about 8% of applicants stated they had a degree on their job applications that they did not have. The best way to safeguard your company from hiring inexperienced and undereducated employees is by performing a verification of education report.

Verifying Employment History 

Employment verification reports are essential to determine whether or not the applicant actually has the experience they claim to have. Virtually anyone can write a job on a resume, and it is your rights as an employer to make sure that the job, along with job descriptions are truthful.

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